Key to our strategy is an understanding that thorough training is essential to ensure that customers gain the most productivity from their Rofin laser system.

We have a range of standard training modules which cover the operation, maintenance and software supplied with our lasers. These courses are normally delivered at our Daventry site. In addition, we often train our customers at their own premises and using the system on-site, to ensure that the maximum familiarity with the equipment in use.

Where our standard modules are not appropriate for a particular need, we are very happy to tailor a module to individual requirements.

Typical elements covered in our training include:

  • Practical laser safety
  • Understanding the basics of laser technology
  • Start up and shut down procedures for the laser
  • Use of the HMI (Human Machine Interface)
  • Front end software (including our commonly-used LaserCAD & VLM software)
  • Hands-on set-up and optimisation of the specific laser process
  • Interaction of the laser with different materials
  • Routine maintenance and trouble-shooting on the laser system
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