Laser Sources

Laser sources from ROFIN are used in the most demanding applications where excellent beam quality, low running costs, high reliability and low maintenance are required.

In power levels, wavelengths, pulse durations and frequencies to match your application, a ROFIN source guarantees leading edge design and build quality.

Our laser sources include:

  • CO2 lasers – efficient sealed-off slab lasers to multi-kW lasers for cutting, welding, perforating and surface treatment
  • Solid-state lasers – with small footprint and ranging from diode pumped Q-switched lasers, used in marking and ablation to high power YAG and Disc lasers for welding and cutting
  • Fiber lasers – with excellent beam quality from ultra-fast pulsed lasers under 30W (femtosecond and picosecond lasers) used in cold cutting and surface removal to continuous lasers of several kW for deep welding and high speed cutting
  • Diode lasers – with the highest wallplug efficiency and smallest units for ease of integration.
  • Ultrashort pulse lasers – for cold laser processing with pulse durations from 300 femtoseconds to 800 picoseconds
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