Lasers make packaging smarter

March 8th, 2011

The new range of scribing laser systems  from Rofin allows the greatest flexibility for providing laser scribes onto flexible plastic film in the food packaging industry.

Laser scribed pouch makes easy tear opening possible

Pouch with scribed lines for easy opening

StarPack WD offers Web Direction scribing or perforation where a fixed head (or heads) is used to interact with the material as the web passes underneath.

StarPack CW offers a solution for Cross Web or freeform scribing where the scribe line needs to deviate from the direction of the web.  This can be any shape of line including curves, ovals, box shapes or lines running at 90 degrees to the web direction.

Depending on web width and desired operating speed, higher power lasers and multiple units can be integrated onto the customer’s machine.

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