USP femto cutting laser – a new level of micro-precision – Starfemto

March 25th, 2015

The new StarFemto laser from ROFIN uses fibre laser technology to provide cold laser cutting and engraving using Ultrashort Pulse (USP) technology.  Experience in the applications of fine cutting of challenging materials has driven this development which offers the combination of high reliability, high productivity and low cost of ownership demanded by manufacturing industry today.  Excellent results are achieved in high-precision cutting, surface structuring, drilling and marking of almost any kind of material without any thermal damage by the ROFIN StarFemto laser.

Rofin StarFemto laser

Hybrid MOPA design – made in Germany

ROFIN’s Hybrid Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) design offers the best of two worlds.  It combines the robustness, high repetition rate and beam quality of fibre lasers with the power scalability of rod lasers.  The StarFemto, which is available in 3 versions, E, M and L, offers 700 – 800 fs pulses at an average power of 20 W and with repetition rates of up to 2 MHz.  Within the entire pulse repetition range the selection of single pulses (Pulse-on-Demand) is possible.  The advanced Hybrid MOPA design is the basis for ROFIN’s new StarFemto, which has been developed and is manufactured in Germany.


Optimised process quality and productivity

The unique Burst Mode which is patent-protected helps to achieve even higher ablation rates and better surface quality.  Instead of single pulses, the laser creates bursts of several femtosecond pulses with programmable energy and shape, which can modify how the beam energy is absorbed by the material.  Burst Mode also enables fast cutting of brittle materials with SmartCleave™ FI technology.

The StarFemto can be operated with a wide range of pulse energies and frequencies up to 2 MHz and rapidly change its parameter settings according to the application requirements. This allows operation of the USP process at the ideal set-up for optimized quality and highest throughput.

laser cutting glass

polymer stent laser cutting

 Applications in fine cutting and engraving

The StarFemto cuts polymers, metal alloys, glass, sapphire  and other materials which can be difficult to machine owing to the brittle nature or the heat-sensitivity they exhibit when being laser cut or engraved.  Typical applications include the cutting of polymer stents for cardiac surgery; laser cutting glass and sapphire for mobile phone and display components; fine and detailed engraving of prestige components like watches.

ablating watch cover StarFemto ROFIN

ROFIN has the largest network for global support enabling systems to be maintained wherever production is required.

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