Innovative laser glass cutting presentation at AILU seminar

November 13th, 2014

On 10 December 2014, AILU (the Association of Industrial Laser Users) is holding a seminar where a range of speakers will discuss laser processing solutions to today’s manufacturing challenges.  One of the most significant challenges in terms of material and cut quality is the laser cutting of glass – particularly where this material is required to be cut with contoured geometry and high speed for the use in displays and portable electronic devices (smartphones, tablets etc.).

Andrew May, MD of Rofin-Baasel UK, will present the ROFIN solution to cutting of glass which is a patented process – SmartCleave (TM).  This process uses ultrashort pulse lasers from ROFIN to cut at high speed with no taper or dross.  The method of cutting, laser filamentation, results in almost zero kerf width and will be described at the seminar.

The event will be held in Luton and includes a full day of talks on laser processing – to find out more, read the AILU event flyer

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