Tool Repair

Plastic injection mould tools, dies and other precision parts are subject to wear and damage when used extensively. Lasers can be used to modify these tools, either to add metal onto the tool by laser deposit welding, or to remove material by laser engraving. The use of laser processing can rapidly rectify a damaged or incorrectly manufactured tool, allowing it to be brought back into manufacturing as rapidly and economically as possible.


Laser Deposit Welding

Using a laser welding system together with a manually applied filler material it is possible to build up a surface or edge of an injection mould tool. This process can be applied to all commonly-used mould tool materials (including tool steels, stainless steels, copper alloys and aluminium). The laser provides very low heat input welding, which can be applied locally to rectify a worn or damaged area of the tool. Laser welding wires are fed by hand into the weld pool resulting in a very smooth and consistent application of material which can then be machined to the final geometry and polished. Our family of laser welders can repair tools from the smallest insert to a few 100 kgs.


The Integral laser welding system is the system of choice for laser tool repair, and has many functions which enable high quality welds from less-experienced users including:

  • Synchronised seam welding for consistent pulse overlap
  • TrackMode allowing easy following of complex paths
  • Swivelling optic and Vector tracking for angled surfaces

You can find more information about the Integral here: ROFIN Integral Laser Welder

Laser Welding Wires

As well as supplying the laser system for welding of tools, Rofin-Baasel UK offers a complete range of laser welding rods for use in this application. Typically ranging in diameter from 0.2 mm to 0.6 mm, there is a material to suit any material combination. Contact us for prices and material details.

Laser Engraving

To add text or create features into the surface of the tool, our laser engraving systems are capable of deep engraving with high accuracy and good edge quality. Virtually any material can be engraved with our laser systems. Customised software can achieve a 3D engraved pattern with excellent surface finish and minimal post-machining cleaning.

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