Semiconductor Industry

The transistor and the laser are both inventions that played a part in transforming the second half of the 20th century and the semiconductor and laser/optics industries have grown in parallel. It is no surprise that many facets of semiconductor production rely upon lasers for their precision and speed in processing.

Laser Marking

Most packaged semiconductor chips are marked by laser, providing permanent, reliable and attractive marks in a fraction of a second.

Prior to packaging, semiconductor silicon wafers themselves are gently identified using lasers controlled to avoid damaging the crystalline properties of the wafer.

Several material types benefit from marking by green or UV wavelengths from Rofin’s frequency-doubled or –tripled PowerLine E lasers.

Fine Laser Cutting

Many Semiconductor products comprise a metal leadframe and epoxy or other moulding compounds. This combination of hard and soft materials can make other cutting technologies difficult to apply or subject to excessive wear. Careful selection of the right laser type allows Rofin to provide a deflashing, decapping, isolation or separation tool which is non-contact and therefore not subject to wear.

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