Photovoltaic manufacture can be divided broadly into three different technical approaches:

  • Silicon wafer photovoltaics (‘wafers’)
  • Thin film photovoltaics (‘panels’)
  • Flexible or dye-sensitised solar cells (‘flexible’)

Laser processing is an important production tool for all three technologies, Rofin’s application laboratories have huge experience in applying our lasers to:

  • Edge isolation of wafers
  • Edge deletion of glass panels
  • Patterning / isolating wafers
  • Patterning and P1/P2/P3 scribing of panels
  • Hole drilling for back-side connection of wafers (EWT & MWT)
  • Wafer ablation for laser fired contacts
  • Laser grooved buried contacts (LGBC)
  • Isolation scribes and ablation to clean electrical contacts for flexible
  • Various PV connector soldering and welding

Edge Ablation Solar Cell


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