Machine Tool Industry

Rofin is the leading provider of laser sources for integration into machine tools. Our high powered CO2 lasers are used in laser cutting systems to provide the source for flat sheet cutting of metals, wood and plastics as well as for tube cutting and welding. We also have a wide range of solid state lasers for integration into systems for welding, micro-machining and surface treatment.

High power CO2 lasers

From 100W to 8kW our RF excited DC slab lasers offer the best beam quality, compact size and zero gas consumption (up to 600W our systems are sealed off – above 1kW a pre-mix gas is installed inside the laser).

CO2 laser for integration by OEMs

High power Fiber lasers

Our fiber lasers (up to 2 kW) allow the optimum combination of high efficiency, excellent beam quality and can be integrated easily into machine tools by virtue of their fibre optic beam delivery.

Q-switched lasers

Our Q-switched lasers are used for marking and engraving, ablation, micro-machining and removal of coatings etc. From 10W to 1kW we have a full range of systems with galvo beam delivery and direct optics.

Laser for ablation

Laser for ablation

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