When developing and manufacturing medical devices, your expectations can’t be high enough as far as the level of manufacturing technology is concerned. Today, laser material processing has reached a level that makes it ideal for the demanding nature of medical device manufacturing.

Welding of fine wires, miniature devices, or hermetic sealing of implants are all achievable with turnkey laser systems from Rofin. Small spot sizes, minimal heat input and the non-contact nature of the process all make laser welding the first choice for medical device joining.

Fine cutting stents, hypotubes, blades and other components used in surgery can be automated easily using solutions from Rofin. The high quality laser sources, based on the latest technology from Rofin can cut finer kerfs and achieve higher throughput than ever before.

Marking & engraving of components, implants and surgical tools ensures traceability with permanence. The range of laser sources and systems from Rofin allows virtually all materials to be marked by laser.

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