ROFIN’s Cost Efficient Tube Processing Center

September 13th, 2013

With a new automatic tube loader, suitable for both dry and wet cutting, ROFIN’s market-leading laser cutting system has evolved to become a highly versatile tube-processing centre for automated production. Read the full article here …..Rofin’s Cost Effective Tube Processing Centre   Share on:

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In-House Laser Material Processing – A Smart Business Decision

August 23rd, 2013

Having tried the ROFIN Performance manual laser welding system first hand, and actually welded a few parts, the three Directors of  DHF Precision Mechanics GmbH  re-thought their investment agenda, resulting in the purchase of Rofin Laser Systems for welding and marking. Read the full article here …..In-House Laser Processing – A Smart Business Decision     […]

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ROFIN Twitter

Follow ROFIN on Twitter

July 11th, 2013

For up to date news on ROFIN’s range of laser systems, applications and interesting case studies, follow us on Twitter.  Our new account @ROFINuk is now live and Tweets will be added regularly. Share on:

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Do you need to replace your RSS feed reader?

June 28th, 2013

You may already know that Google Reader is closing down on 1 July 2013 (Monday).  If you are a user of Google Reader, now would be the best time to export your current Google Reader data and seek out an alternative.  Users of Outlook 2010 may not be aware that you can connect an RSS […]

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Rofin Laser Produces Ultimates’ M.A.P at the Double

June 13th, 2013

Grimsby based Ultimate Packaging are experts in the production of printed flexible packaging. The company has constantly pushed the boundaries of high definition, flexo-print technology and have also developed a range of innovative films, used to extend the shelf life of fresh produce. In addition to significant investments in the latest printing technologies, the company […]

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June 5th, 2013

Designed within a compact 19” rack-mountable chassis with 3HU, this next generation DILAS Laser system release has major platform and interfacing enhancements.  The new standardised diode laser control unit (DLC) can be used in a cross platform strategy for all of DILAS‘ industial diode laser systems.  The DLC provides external interfaces such as the common […]

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Rofin’s StarPico Offers High Maximum Pulse Frequency

June 5th, 2013

Designed especially for industrial material processing Rofin’s StarPico, with its patented resonator design and robust set-up, delivers a pulse duration of 12 ps, pulse energy of 100 µJ and an adjustable pulse repetition rate of up to 20 MHz. Read more here …..Rofin StarPico Offers High Maximum Pulse Frequency Share on:

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Taking Material Processing to the Third Dimension

June 5th, 2013

The latest turnkey laser solution from Rofin –  MPS 3D (Modular Processing System 3D) – is designed for complex 2.5 D and 3 D material processing tasks. The system integrates both axis modules and control units into one compact housing.  Read the full article here ….3D Material Processing from Rofin’s MPS Share on:

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Laser scribed pouch makes easy tear opening possible

Make it open easily with laser scoring of packaging

April 19th, 2013

Laser scoring of flexible packaging Modern packaging can be challenging to open without resorting to a sharp knife or scissors (with the inherent risk of cutting injuries).  Very often food and drinks packaging is marked with the words “open here” or a picture of a dotted line with a scissors icon at the start.  Sometimes […]

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LEV testing laser fume extraction

Checked your laser fume extraction recently?

March 1st, 2013

LEV Testing – What and Why “Every year, thousands of workers in Britain develop occupational diseases from breathing in certain dusts, fumes or other airborne contaminants at work. Local Exhaust Ventilation, often called dust or fume extraction, can help clean the air, before people breathe in these harmful substances”(Excerpt from HSE web site)   What is LEV? Local Exhaust […]

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