Why upgrade your old CO2 laser? Here are 8 reasons…

October 31st, 2014

Many companies are still using Fast Axial Flow (FAF) lasers for industrial laser cutting.


Here are 8 reasons why a new laser will be better, greener and cheaper to run than the previous generation of laser:

  1. Eliminate Helium usage –  FAF lasers use 3 different gases (He, N2 and CO2) and the consumption of these gases is the same whether you use 10% or 100% of the available laser power.  Helium in particular is a costly gas, and the consumption of this is greatest of the three.  ROFIN sealed-off designs (up to 600W) run for typically >16,000 hours before a gas exchange is required.
  2. Improve uptime – Old FAF lasers take a while to stabilise and may need mode adjustment.  Modern ROFIN lasers are ready to use as soon as you switch them on.
  3. Increase reliability – New ROFIN lasers have no moving parts (blower, vacuum pump etc.) and no glassware.  This has a hugely positive effect on reliability and since these lasers are made in the UK, spare parts are easily and rapidly shipped.
  4. Reduce electrical consumption – As mentioned above the absence of moving parts and other improvements in wall-plug efficiency have a knock-on effect of reducing your electrical consumption and saving costs.
  5. Enhance power stability – Modern ROFIN lasers like the advanced OEM 40 iX have closed loop power control feedback making the output power stable against variations in time or  ambient temperature.
  6. Compact footprint – Advances in design have dramatically reduced the volume of modern lasers which now have a much smaller footprint and can be easily integrated into machines or gantries in the place of a much larger laser.
  7. Ease of maintenance and service – Most parts are modular, making replacement easy and rapid.  ROFIN offers maintenance engineer training, so one or two trained engineers can easily look after a multi-laser site.
  8. Improved cutting performance – The enhanced mode and excellent beam quality of a modern CO2 laser from ROFIN makes for improved cutting quality and speed.

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