Laser welding repair – bring it in-house

March 31st, 2011

Do you have frequent requirements to repair or modify your injection mould tools or dies?  Sending out your tool repair work to sub-contractors can be costly and it means that you have to deal with transport delays and costs.

Why not bring your welding work in-house?  Learning to laser weld with filler wire on the Rofin range of tool repair lasers is made easy for a novice due to the features which enhance the repeatability of weld, including:

  • Sweet Spot Resonator – gives consistent pulse energy and spot size from spot to spot
  • Truview – means the microscope is always aligned with the laser beam, even when out of focus
  • SynchroWeld – means that pulse overlap is constant independent of speed of weld
  • TrackMode – allows teach-in of complex paths to take the skill out of contour-following

Try laser welding to see how easily you can achieve professional results.

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